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Puppet Camp 2009 [Oct. 4th, 2009|02:06 am]
Pris Nasrat
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I have to say I've really enjoyed Puppet Camp. It's a reinvigorating experience, despite the jetlag, to meet up with smart, passionate and engaged operations people from all walks of life. My highlight really has been the people, and that's what I love about smaller unconferences is that you can meet everyone and everyone has something to contribute. Agile 2009 was great to go to, but I personally find I get more from smaller events.

I was happy to see the wide range of companies both in terms of size and domains who are using puppet and thinking about how to improve operations and systems engineering. San Francisco is an awesome city, and I've enjoyed finding some little havens of coffee drinking bliss, good food, fantastic cocktails and shopping heaven in my limited explorations so far.

Unfortunately I was a little nervous during my talk, which I'm pretty sure comes down to tiredness. I need to write up in more depth. For now here are my slides, video should be up shortly - I was really impressed by time to put up initial video by SFSU, and then them cleaning up the audio for the re-push.