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Agile Systems Administration Slides from Manchester Geek Night [Aug. 7th, 2009|02:09 pm]
Pris Nasrat
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I spoke in Manchester last night, it was nice to be back in the city I spent five years failing to get a degree in. It's the place I first started working in systems at the Faculty of Arts helpdesk, first exposure to gopher, lynx, usenet and the web, and where I installed my first Linux systems.

The venue was the Kilburn building and the area outside the room had displays of Baby which was nice.

The group was small and mostly dominated by sytems people, I felt it went better than my previous talk on this at skills matter - I was more focussed and I think the presentation was more polished. Following we went on to the SandBar for good beer and further discussion.

Thanks to ThoughtWorks for inviting me up and putting me up in Manchester.


[User Picture]From: jackdiablo
2009-08-07 02:42 pm (UTC)
Well I like the slideshow if that means anything, but then anything with a Muppet in is fine by me.
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